Friday, February 26, 2010

Meaghan's Art

The time has come. I've gotten my website up and running and the advertising sorted out. Now I need work on my next project: Meaghan's art.

I admit it. I'm a packrat. Hence, I've hardly thrown out anything that Meaghan has ever drawn, coloured or painted. Obviously then, I haven't parted with any of her crafts. It's become a problem. The problem has grown with her entrance into preschool. The problem will only grow if I don't deal with it soon.

So this weekend I'm going to start doing something with her art & crafts. My plan is to photograph everything, save a few good things, and then scrapbook the photos. I don't have any layout in mind yet. I'll have to wait to see how many photos I get and then decide how to group them.

I won't get done this weekend, but I'm going to start.

There. I've said it. Now I have to do it.

Stay tuned to see if I actually do it, or if the Olympics and good weather distract me.

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