Monday, March 8, 2010

Big Boy Bed

I knew the day would come, and it did.  We no longer need a crib.  Eamon moved into his big boy bed on Saturday.  I'm pleased to report that he loves the bed, and in particular the Lightning McQueen  quilt and pillowcase.  I expected  at least a few disrupted sleeps, but so far he's had great sleeps in it!

The bed is an extendable one from IKEA.  Eventually it will fit a twin mattress, but right now it's just his size.

He wasted no time at all leaping into bed to read some books, and just hang out.

Here is the final outcome of the bed project.  Next, I need to get rid of the fantastic Peter Rabbit decals (I still adore them so I'll move them into my craft room), and go with the Lighting McQueen theme.

How fast they grow up!

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