Sunday, March 21, 2010

Busy Week: Gymnastics & Irish Dance

Busy week, and with two standout highlights:  our last gymnastics class, and Meaghan's Irish Dance St. Patrick's Day party.  

The kids' gymnastics class finished the session.  This last class rocks.  Rather than be in two different classes, everyone joins forces for essentially an explore time of the entire gym - meaning we all get to go together and I get to bring my camera.  

Eamon surprised me.  Usually he's all about avoiding the camera; making a quick dash either away from me, or within 2 inches of me.  Neither move makes a good photo.  But, at gymnastics he actually posed a bit and showed off.  Given the bad light and fast moves, the photos aren't fantastic, but I think they capture the essence of him.  My favourites:  

The end of a somersault.  He did a few and every time stopped to check to see if I actually took some photos of him.  Could the tide be turning?

My angle is all wrong to show actual amount of air in this photo, but it's just not practical in the middle of class to lie down on the floor with a camera in the hopes of getting a photo.  Some might do it, and I will probably regret that I didn't, but at the time it just didn't seem like the thing to do.

Our other big event this week:  the St. Patrick's Day party for Meaghan's Irish Dance group.  A late night last night, but what fun!  Meaghan spent a chunk of the afternoon in rollers to assist my attempt at getting good curls that would last the night.  The rollers, curling iron and hairspray (lots of it) helped, but there's no way I could copy the wigs.  For my first effort at major curls I did ok and ended up with some curls.  I did get some tips from another mom on what to do next time, so I'll be set for the recital at the end of  the year.

Rollers look so funny on kids. 

Here's Meaghan with the teacher's daughter shortly before her performance.

And here's my little Irish Dancer in progress!

She had a such a great time.  After the girls all danced, the band Celtara played.  Meaghan and some other little girls danced up a storm to the great music.  Fortunately, the band took a break around 10 so we could grab our wee ones and head home.  There are some pretty tired bodies in this house this morning!

Hope you have a great week!

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