Friday, March 5, 2010

Kerry in Preschool

Kerry is home today.  Meaghan has preschool today, and when Kerry is home it means one of us can go as the parent helper (since the other one needs to be home with Eamon).  I love the helper job.  It gives me a chance to be in the classroom and see not just how Meaghan interacts with everyone, but a chance to see the other kids too.  

Before having children I never would have believed you could spot the problem kids before they were six.  And by problem, I don't just mean "troubled", I mean the ones that are going to turn into big problems for their parents.  But, I'm convinced that you can pick out these kids at this early age.  Naturally, only time will tell if my theory on each child holds true.  In the meantime though, I'm convinced I'm right.

So, with Kerry home, I was ready to get into the classroom.  Alas, Meaghan had other plans.  She asked Kerry to be the helper today.  I'm disappointed, of course, but I like that he's as involved as he is and wants to go.  But it's such hard work trying to pump him for information after the class!!

Oh well.

To end on a positive note here's Eamon's puddle layout I finished last night:

FONTS:  Justus, Adler, Giddy-up
BRUSHES: Gradient Splats (no clue where this is from)
SWIRLY BITS:  K. Pertiet Grungy Clusters
STAPLES:  K. Pertiet
TAG: Jessica Sprague

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