Saturday, March 27, 2010

Puddles: Farm vs City

Yes, the snow did come this past week - the same day we'd booked in our van to have the winter tires taken off!  But now, the snow is virtually gone and the warm weather has begun.  Spring truly has arrived.

During this past month we've had some terrific puddles on our street, and even one doozy that reminded me of a farm puddle.  City puddles are rather lame and lack the element of surprise.  They never get too deep; you usually know how deep they are; and they lack mud.

Farm puddles on the other hand hold many surprises.  Take the basic ditch puddle with the calm and smooth surface. In the morning it's covered with a thin layer of ice that you can't help but tap the edge of to test the thickness of the ice and hear the crunch beneath your boots.

Once you've stepped on all the ice, you just have to step into the puddle.  You've got your boots on for this very purpose.  After a step or two, your feet are submerged.  Ahhh, the glorious puddle.
But now, the unknown.  Just how deep is that puddle?  A few more cautious steps towards the middle.  By now, the water is half way up the sides of your boots, and you still have another half dozen steps to get to the middle.

Slowly and surely you carefully choose your steps.  The water creeps up the sides of your boots.  It's now oh so close to the top of your boot.

You've reached the middle of the puddle.  Could the water get any closer to the top of your boots? A step.  Then another.  WHOOSH!  Cold water freely and quickly floods over the top of your boots filling them instantly and surrounding your once protected feet.

Exhilarating! Thrilling! Cold!

And, now that you're wet you quickly run to the edge of the puddle, turn around and run back through it as fast as you can.   The bigger the splash, the better.  Well, you're already wet, so why not?

Add to that the element of thick, gooey mud for your boots to sink into and stick, and you've got yourself a mighty fine farm puddle.

City puddles just don't compare.  But our city puddle did a fine impersonation of a farm puddle thanks to a plugged drain.  The water was exactly as deep as Meaghan's boots were high.  After some running, jumping and splashing we had two kids drenched from the waist down.  Not quite a farm puddle, but quite fine.

But, I have no photos.  I believed the puddle would last a couple of days and I could get photos tomorrow.  Tomorrow came, but the puddle had disappeared.

Oh well, as time passes I have no doubt that in my mind's eye the puddle will grow in size and depth and maybe even include a bit of mud.

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