Sunday, April 11, 2010


Our BBQ season has started, notwithstanding the cold and windy weather.  That just is Kerry's luck.  Last year, it seemed that every time he'd plan a weekend of smoking (meat, that it) foul weather would appear.  So, according to "tradition", Thursday started as a glorious, warm spring day and ended in snowfall.  The snow had gone by Saturday, but the cold wind remained.

I had decided that I would chronicle in photos Kerry's first big BBQ of this summer.  It's quite the process (the BBQ, not the chronicling).  On Friday he made the rub and prepped the meat - pork butt and ribs.  By 9pm he had the pork butt on the BBQ and with smoke pouring out.  Kerry checked on the temperature of the BBQ throughout the night, and still managed to get some sleep during this process.  By daybreak the butt looked great, smelled great and its temperature slowly rose.  I received hourly reports on the butt's temperature - 200F is the magic number.

After lunch the butt came off and the ribs (marinated in Jack Daniels & a cinnamon stick & then covered in the rub) went on.  By supper the smell of BBQ wafted throughout the house (and neighbourhood too our friends told us) and we dove right in.

In my mind, the photos were going to be superb and work themselves into a two page layout.  I managed to get a couple taken, but quite frankly, I forgot all about my big plan given how cold it was Friday night!!  I got some of the ribs on the BBQ, and a few of Kerry pulling the pork.  So I don't have any of the wood burning, the smoke pouring out, the thermometer etc.  And, given the weather Kerry didn't fire up his smoker - he had to use the gas BBQ.  (Yes, I know that hard core BBQ smokers don't use gas.  But those guys live in a climate where 0 degrees Celcius is a terrible cold snap at the height of winter, not a cold spring day at the start of the season.)  Alas, I will have to save my big scrapbooking plans for later in the season and hope for a good memory and warm weather.

Regardless, the meat was superb!  The ribs were tender and yummy and easily pulled off the bone.  The pulled pork was divine!  I am looking forward to lunch today.

Have a great week!!

The ribs after the rub:

The ribs go on the BBQ:

The hickory ready to do its thing:

Kerry pulling some pork:

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