Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eamon's Helmet

It's been a busy week, but it appears that we are truly on the road to summer, so all is good in our household.

Both kids told me what they want to be when the grow up.  Meaghan (and no surprise here), a princess.  Eamon took a bit of time to consider.  He rejected Meaghan's suggestion of "worker", and mine of a fireman.  But after a moment or two, he decided he would be Super Why (the lead character on a CBC/ PBS show of the same name).  Good choice.  Super Why is smart, wears a cape and gets to fly in a why-flyer.  What more could you want?

My little Super Why has been loving his new Spiderman bike he got for Easter.  He still can't pedal, but can steer pretty good and is content to be pushed.  Fortunately, I'm pretty much the right height to push it by holding onto the edge of the handlebars without getting a permanent and painful kink in my back.

Since helmets are now mandatory, and I know, a good idea too, I was a bit worried that I'd meet some resistance from him on this point.  He got Meaghan's helmet (but only because Costco had pink and purple helmets in her size and nothing in his size), but he adores it.  The day he received it he told me multiple times that there were bugs on his helmet.  He showed me too because he refused to take it off.  We dropped Meaghan off at pre-school while he wore the helmet, and picked her up with the helmet.  He was mighty pleased with himself.

Of course I took many pictures.  (Listen to me; I say that like I always catch those Kodak moments when we all know I likely miss far more than I hit.)  I was pleased with a couple of them, and then came up this layout (based on a challenge from - which I didn't win, but I did get money off some stuff from its store).

Anyway, the early version of this layout is in my GDS Gallery, but after some thought, I decided to change it a bit.  This is the new and I think improved "Helmet":

Font: Century Gothic, Pincoyablack
Papers and Elements:  Christy Skaggs - Shabby Boy Kit & 
Shabby Boy Ripped Papers
Brush: Boogie Designs - Bugs 2 

And for those of you wondering (JS, in particular), no, I did not photoshop Meaghan into that shot.  That is actually what the photo looked like from the outset.

Enjoy the awesome weather and have a great week!

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