Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We had a terrific day yesterday.  The kids didn't wake up until almost 6 and then didn't want to go downstairs until almost 6:30.  Glorious, and so unlike this morning's 5:25.

Eamon's liked his Spiderman bike.  He doesn't use the pedals yet, but can steer pretty well.  Whether he liked his bike more than his Lightning McQueen jacket is a toss up.

Meaghan, my fashion diva, enjoyed her clothes.  I almost burst out laughing every time I see her get something new.  She examines it closely, picks it up, holds it out for the full-length view, and then holds it up against herself.  I know many women look at new clothes in this fashion; it's just funny to watch a 4-year-old girl do it.

The chocolate likely flowed a little too freely.  Eamon did lose interest in it rather quickly, but Meaghan's interest remained at a steady level of desire throughout the day.  Some bike riding and a long play at the playground kept the buzz to a minimum.

Here's my Easter morning layout, that also happens to be Tricky Nag's website special until April 12.  I'm a little disappointed that my egg hunt photos didn't turn out, but it was hard to get any good shots in the whirlwind that lasted mere minutes.

Fonts: Bunny Rabbits, Chalkboard
Papers and Elements: Mindy Terasawa at Designer Digitals - Green Tea kit
Brushes: Easy Elements - Easter Egg Brushes

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