Monday, May 24, 2010


We spent the long weekend in Drumheller - dinosaurs, dinosaurs, hoodoos & more dinosaurs.  Both kids loved it!

We'd never been to the museum, but had heard only good things about it.  And rightly so.  Meaghan & Eamon were entirely taken in by everything - so much so that they were playing dinosaurs yesterday.  Meaghan, being older, naturally dictated who would be which dinosaur.  Wisely, she appointed herself a T. Rex, but poor Eamon was a mere Brontosaurus and he could not withstand the sharp teeth of the T. Rex - as Meaghan so helpfully pointed out to Eamon in case he thought he might actually win.  The battle ended quickly (with a bit of intervention from me).

The hoodoos were the big surprise.  Meaghan could not get enough!  We drove out to them twice so she could go exploring and "dinosaur hunting".  

Although people swarmed the town this weekend we hardly noticed.  When you get up before 6 you have time to get to some of the sights before anything else is open.  On the first day we'd had breakfast, gone to the suspension bridge, visited the hoodoos, stopped for more coffee, had a snack and still arrived at the museum before it opened at 9.  By the time the big crowds arrived we were ready for lunch, naptime and an afternoon swim at the hotel pool.

I'm pleased with some of our photos, but today was far too nice a day to work on any layouts. I leave you with two of our departure photos.  We left Friday in the cold, pouring rain.  Both Meaghan & Eamon decided they were dressed appropriately for the grey skies.

I hope they remain as adamant about sunglasses in the sunny weather as they were on Friday.

Hope you had a great long weekend too!

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