Saturday, May 1, 2010

Early Mornings

I'm not a morning person.  That's why I have kids who rise far too early for my liking.  They are both up and happy to be up shortly after 6am.  I used to think 7am was an early start to the day.  But I can't complain.  They watch a bit of tv in our bedroom, or they go off and play with each other in one of their bedrooms.  It's glorious to get those extra few minutes of sleep.  They are my alarm and snooze button in one.

However, we did go through a short spurt (at the time it seemed unbearably long and like it would never end) where Eamon woke up at 5.  He didn't wake up and come into our bed and sleep a bit longer.  He woke up and was ready to get up!  And, being 2, he knew if he made enough noise one of us would get up with him because we didn't want him waking up Meaghan.

Throughout the morning he remained delightful.  But, by about 10:30 or so, he wanted lunch, his eyelids got heavy and as the morning progressed the crankiness cranked up until naptime.  Thankfully that week or so came to an end.  I don't know why it started, and have no clue why it ended, but it did.

The best part, for once I remembered to get my camera and take a photo of him as he slowly crashed one morning.  Now that a month has passed since his last early morning the memory of these mornings turns sweeter as each day passes.  

Fonts: MA Sexy, Pea Shirley, Impact
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  1. That layout is adorable! I'm glad the 5am morning have come to an end.