Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Crazy Weather

I have to say it: I like rainy days.  There's nothing quite like a solid soaking.  The air smells great and everything looks so green and refreshed.  But, I didn't really need the snow on Saturday night.  

It just seems wrong to have snow the very end of May - especially when the days are so long now.  We're less than a month from the longest day of the year.  Saturday night, 10pm, still quite light out, and the big heavy snowflakes continued to drift down on us.
I took these photos of my poor tulips (that actually weathered the snow quite well) after 8:30 pm.  I couldn't believe how bright it was.  When it snows, it should be dark well before supper.

The rain has been great, and I have liked it.  And goodness knows we've heard more than enough times about how much we need the moisture.  But I'm looking forward to some blue, sunny sky with some warm June weather!

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