Sunday, June 13, 2010

Dance Recital

Very little beats watching your little girl stand up on stage to dance.

We went to Meaghan's Irish Dance recital yesterday.  I almost cried.  To see her little curls bouncing away and her smile while she danced made my heart swell with pride.

Irish Dance is odd.  Last year at Meaghan's ballet recital, she and the others in her class dressed as little Jasmines and danced around with waving arms.  However, in Irish dance there are no waving arms or  random steps to get from point A to B.  There are specific steps that must be taught in a specific dance.  All year spent learning a dance that lasts 30-45 seconds.  Spending money on skipping lessons as one friend describes it.

Perhaps I did wonder if the lessons were money well spent, but yesterday Meaghan so clearly performed a reel.  Even I could tell she did the same steps as the older girls dancing the reel.  She was spectacularly beautiful.

Another oddity with Irish dance: You dance alone.  Sure, other dancers may be on the stage with you, but they stand at the back waiting their turn.  So, not only did Meaghan dance a recognizable reel, she dance it alone! What a great moment.

Now, for some photos:

I'm pretty pleased with our homemade ringlets.

Meaghan and the rest of her class.

I love this look.  
I have to say, I was torn.  
I didn't want to use a flash in case it threw her off, 
but knew I'd get a bit of blur.  The sacrifices we make...

That same great look & smile.

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