Sunday, June 20, 2010

Quick Pages

We've had a busy week.  Our activities are just about all wrapped up, Meaghan turned 5, and today is Father's Day.  So many photos, so many layouts waiting to be done and so many stories to tell.  But last night I wanted to get something done with my scrapbooking, but didn't have the time or energy to think up something even quick.  So, to the quick page I went.

Quick page:  Someone takes some great supplies, makes a great page (or sometimes not so great, but I don't use those ones) and leaves a spot for your photos.  Find and edit your photos, pop them in, add a date or some journalling.  Done.

As I said, to the quick page I went.  And what really surprised me, I made it even quicker by not journalling much at all.  For the last few months I've been trying to add a few words to capture the essence of the event, my feelings, what happened before or after the photo, etc.  Last night I rediscovered that sometimes with a photo, a short phrase, or just the date,  everything that needs to be said is said.  That's how I felt about the two layouts I did last night.

The first one:

Jenn MacCabe Quick Page from 2010 Bloghop

Not normally the words or phrases I would use, but she is awesome and fabulous.  There appears to be no story here at all.  But in this case, the date says it all - her birthday.  She'll know that's the day she turned five.  Her great-great-great grandchildren may have no clue, but they'll be smart enough to figure it out based on the surrounding album pages that will be about her birthday and party.  

Then the second one: 2010 Bloghop - Erica's quick page

What more do you need to say about the first time on the big kids' swing?  That face says it all.

These are not pages I would necessarily do if I had more hours in the day, but after a long and tiring few days how incredibly satisfying to get a couple of pages done before bed last night.

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