Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Template: JI Template (no idea where I got this from)
 Paper: Danielle Corbitt - Take 2 Kit; Amy Teets - whitietighties; 
Buttons: Danielle Corbitt - Take 2 Kit
Brush: Hawsmont - Spider Brushes 
FONT: SF Comic Strip; Century Gothic

This is how Eamon has looked just about about every minute of every day for the last 6 weeks.  It's all about "Ideman".  Actually, he started off saying "Ideman", but has said it oh so very many times over the last 6 weeks, he's just about at "Spiderman".

He got the first pair of Spiderman jammies in a hand-me-down bag.  Little interest was shown until mid-May.  Then overnight he decided he was going to wear Ideman every day, and sleep in Ideman.  Laundry became a real challenge.

At gymnastics one day I could smell something rather rank.  Turns out it was the sunscreen on the jammies.  The crying when I pried them off his body to wash them!  One would think that I'd taken an arm with them.

He wore them everywhere.  In fact, I suspect he thought he dressed up when he wore them.  By about week number 3 people had seen these jammies for some time and were well aware of his wee fetish.  They started calling him Spiderman.  The look of quiet pride and his pleasure at this great recognition almost made me burst out laughing.

Finally, my Mom bought him a second, and much improved, pair.  This new pair came with a hood. A Spiderman hood.  Now we were talking.  He starting wearing the new jammies with the hood out and about.  If he thought he dressed fantastically well before in the old jammies, these new jammies set the fashion bar even higher.  Strangers began calling him Spiderman - much to his obvious delight.

This love for Spiderman has been assisted by the old Spiderman cartoon.  He has learned many Spiderman moves thanks to this cartoon.  I can't help but laugh as he jumps into the hall (in his jammies, of course), squats down and pretends to spin a web.  More than once I've heard him singing the Spiderman theme song to himself.  He doesn't quite have all the words down, but there's no mistaking what song he sings.

Six weeks after the start of this obsession he is wearing a pair to bed tonight.  But, I'm pleased to say we've come a long way since he was Spiderman-free for two whole days.  I wonder if he thought he was Peter Parker?

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