Monday, July 5, 2010

I Wish I Had My Camera

Today I found myself wishing I'd taken the camera with me.

The kids wanted a jammie day, but didn't want to stay in.  The weather could have been a whole lot better, but I know, we need the moisture.   Raining and cold meant a day at Telus World of Science.

Meaghan insisted she wear her new Tinker Bell nightie that is long and flowing with little dainty strappy straps, and referred to as a "gown".  Given the rain, she also insisted on her butterfly rubberboots.

Eamon's Spidermans (he's shortened "Spiderman jammies" to simply "Spidermans") were in the wash.  So he wore his Lightning McQueen shirt and shorts that at first glance look like Cat in the Hat because of the colours.  He handily rejected the rubber boot option in favour of his water/beach shoes, which happen to have Spiderman on them.  Given the coolness of the day, naturally, he wore them with socks.

Pause for a moment to let the visual properly take root.

We headed out to the Telus World of Science.  In the corner by the stairs, and at the end of a long hall, there sits a police motorbike bolted to the floor. (I can't help but think of Erik Estrada every time we see it.) When the kids saw the motorbike today they wasted no time getting to it.

Oh how I wish I'd had the camera to capture the Tinkerbell gown, rubber boots, McQueen shorts, and Spiderman beach shoes racing towards that huge motorbike.  Quite the sight.  I did take a couple of photos later, but nothing came anywhere near capturing that motorbike moment.

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