Monday, July 12, 2010

Mini Vacation

An exciting week at the Grandparents.  We could have had more spacious accommodation, but Mom & Dad are in the midst of some work on the main floor of their house, so we all stayed in their RV.  Our mini-vacation collided with their forced staycation.

The kids enjoyed themselves.  Grandpa let Meaghan steer the tractor and the Gator.  Eamon wasn't so interested in these.  He called them scary.  Likely the noise.

Meaghan also got to ride the pony, Macaroni.  She loved it.  Eamon made his views very clear from the outset: "I ride big horse.  Meaghan ride baby horse."  When Meaghan did ride Macaroni, Eamon said more than once, "I ride Buck [that would be one of the big horses]."  After many refusals, he relented and said, "OK, I ride Jasmine [a different big horse]."  So, no equestrian moments for Eamon.

Sleep became interesting.  Meaghan tried to stay awake as late as she could.  Very successful for two nights.  So successful in fact that she managed to watch 1/2 a football game, the Calgary Stampede highlights, and the chuckwagon race highlights.  Needless to say, she returned home totally exhausted.

The big draw, as always, remains the pool.  Swim, swim and swim some more.  The kids' cousin, who is almost four, came over for a swim.  I didn't think it possible, but the pool became even funner.

Now we are at home and it's raining, and is supposed to continue raining tomorrow.

Meaghan & Macaroni

The horse in the background is Buck - the horse Eamon wanted to ride.  Buck, by the way, pulls wagons.  I don't know how long it's been since a saddle has been on that back.

These next two photos make me laugh out loud.  Simply put, goggles do not flatter.

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