Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Nature on our Doorstep

I don't care that robins are out in full force this year nesting on virtually every porch in town.  One nested on our front porch and I feel so special. Clearly, she chose my front porch for a reason.

The watch began a while ago as we saw the poor bird's attempt at making the nest.  For a while, more landed on the ground than stayed along the narrow ledge of the pillar.  I still look out hoping it hasn't fallen off. 

We knew the eggs were laid when Robin assumed the sitting position and we that the wait would be about two weeks.  I lost track of time and became convinced the eggs had suffered some tragic demise.  Surely two weeks had passed, hadn't they?

Eventually, we saw Robin leave the nest for some worms.  She returned and appeared to be pecking away - presumably to release her chicks.  Then finally, the wee chicks had the strength and the size to reach way out of the nest to chirp for some food.  I walked by our front door a hundred times a day hoping to catch a glimpse.  We saw them often, but the photo I decided I had to have became difficult.

It is not easy to sit quietly on your front porch for long stretches of time while leaving two kids in the house to run wild.  Rather, it's more of an impossibility.  But I persevered and managed to get one photo of Robin feeding one of her chicks.  It certainly not worthy of National Geographic, but I don't care.  It's of our Robin and the chicks we waited for and will eventually watch fly off into the distance.

I hope they come back next year.

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