Thursday, July 22, 2010

Parade and Raspberries

Parade Day today.  I didn't know that when I booked the kids in at the dentist in the heart of the parade route.  Fortunately I remembered a couple of days ago.  Plus, the office did call to let us know just in case we didn't know and wanted to rebook. 

It worked out well.  We watched the first part of the parade from Kerry's office, headed across the street to the appointment, then watched the end of the parade from Kerry's office.  The two hour parade suddenly became the perfect length.  The kids enjoyed the whole outing: bus, train, parade, lunch and then home.  A bit of sensory overload.

I also enjoyed the trip downtown because I worked in the same office Kerry does.  I had a chance to catch up with  a couple of people I hadn't seen in a long time.  But, there's never enough time because there were still a few people I wanted to chat with and didn't get the chance.

To me, the parade signals the height of summer and that it's time to pick my favourite crop: raspberries.  I have no doubt that one of the reasons we adore them this time of year is that we really only get them this time of year.  Sure we can buy them year round for big bucks, but they go bad quickly, don't taste good, and cost, well, big bucks.  Such a treat.  Every year I take lots of photos of them, of the kids picking them, of the kids eating them, and then even more of them.  I wonder how many I need.  I've taken quite a few this year already, but I've only gotten started.  Be prepared to be subjected to more photos.

Other flowers in the garden look ok this year too. Some of the vegetables don't look so good.  I still struggle with figuring out how much sun the planting spots get.  It's tough working around the trees.  By next summer I should have it figured out.

Off I go to pick some more raspberries.  And maybe take another photo or two of them.

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