Monday, August 30, 2010

Back to School Backpack Role Models

I came very close to failing the back to school backpack mission - get a backpack before school starts that Meaghan likes and of which I approve. 

I had decided in June that Meaghan's preschool backpack would work for Kindergarten come September. However, as the excitement of the first day grows I wavered. 

We had bought some new clothes for school, and the indoor and outdoor shoes she needs (what was wrong with the outdoor shoes becoming the indoor shoes when she walked into the building I'm not sure, but then, we no longer live in the 70s), but we didn't need to buy any school supplies. We needed to do some proper back to school shopping, didn't we?

Meaghan saw and then wanted Hannah Montana, which I quickly nixed. Meaghan never watches the show and only thinks she likes her because my niece does. I decided to speak plainly and told Meaghan I didn't like Hannah, how she dressed or how she spoke; moreover, she's not a good role model.  I figure at 5 Meaghan still idolizes me so I should take advantage. I will not use this approach when she is older and I'm no longer cool, and am probably a bit dumb too.  Anyway, it worked. No Hannah Montana. Now Meaghan will joke about me not liking her.

Anyway, once Hannah fell out of the running, very little remained. At one shop she found a Tinkerbell backpack on display that she liked. The store had sold out of that particular backpack, and then refused to sell us the one on display "because it was on display". 

A few tears later and a trip to a well known super centre that I prefer avoiding - at least when I worked full-time and could afford to live a principled life - Meaghan found the perfect backpack: Toy Story 3 featuring Jessie on the front. Now Jessie I approve of as a role-model for a 5-year-old.

We came home happy each with our missions accomplished.  

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