Sunday, September 12, 2010


Our two composting barrels

Kerry dumped one of our compost barrels. I'm always amazed at how our garbage - leftover veggies,  fruit cores, rinds, peels, coffee grounds,  etc., and leaves - fills up a barrel, slowly shrinks down making room for more, and then ends up looking like soil. Sure, a few eggshells have yet to break down completely, and avocado skin makes the odd appearance, but where did all those watermelon rinds go? Blows my mind.

The compost this year looks great and will definitely help the long bed along the back fence that will be used solely as a vegetable garden next year. This summer has barely wrapped up and I'm getting excited about the next one. That's a good sign; it means by next spring I'll be ready to go.

I guess I need to do a better of job of crushing the egg
shells when I add them to the compost.

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