Friday, September 3, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Five years ago today as I continued to watch CNN and the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina unfold I held my perfect baby girl, just 11 weeks old. At that time I remember feeling so fortunate that I had this wonderful baby. At that time too, every coo and every bit of movement seemed so monumental and glorious. Plus, in that fog of hormones and sleep-deprivation, I could barely imagine her sitting up, let alone starting school.

Today, that perfect baby has grown into a delightful, energetic girl who headed off to her first day of Kindergarten this morning. Where did the time go? 

We've never had a real morning routine where we had to be out of the house before 8:30 every weekday morning. Generally we linger over breakfast, watch tv, and I read the newspaper. Leisurely. Relaxing. Time-consuming.

Times are a changin'.

As part of our preparations, I made Meaghan a Morning Routine card.  Unfortunately, she doesn't yet read, and I can't draw.  The result:

I know the hair looks like a hat, the toilet a boot,
and I have no idea about that backpack. 

Meaghan got ready on her own, despite the cryptic symbols.

The obligatory back to school photo.

And now with the backpack

Enough photos, let's get going

She must have been a wee bit nervous because she was a bit quieter this morning. And much like her sometimes uptight parents, she wanted to head out with plenty of time to ensure she wouldn't be late.  We were only 20 minutes early.

Well, what a great morning. When I picked her up she positively glowed. She could barely speak fast enough to tell me all about her morning. The details bubbled out of her: recess, craft time, the assembly, singing O Canada, the play centres, the rules at the play centres, snack time, and the teacher.

She can't believe she doesn't go back until Tuesday. That's four more sleeps - far too many for an eager new student.

In addition to the excitement of school, Meaghan now possesses a keen awareness, that she happily shares often, that she goes to school and has left the masses of the younger preschooler set. I don't have the heart to tell her that some people still consider 5 preschooler age.

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  1. I was just googling "sei scrapbooking" and your Tricky Nag ad came up on the right. NICE! Went from there to here. I'm curious about how work is going since you seem to be getting your name out there. And happy that the first day of kindi went so well. My baby was also quieter than usual, but didn't give much of a report.