Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fundraising Opportunity with Christmas Photo Cards

I'm very excited about my new fundraising opportunity for schools, sports teams, or other groups that need money.

Everyone wants to send a Christmas greeting and photo cards have risen in popularity over the last few years. Now you can send a photocard and your group earns money.

Get your group to register with me. The group then directs everyone to my website where they can get details on ordering the cards. The cards get ordered, we arrange payment, and pick up or delivery, and then in January, the group gets of cheque for 15% of the total cards ordered by members of their group.

The cards are 4" x 5.5" and fit into an invitation size envelope.  They cost $1 each and a minimum order of 20 cards per card style is required. If someone can't pick up their order, I will mail it to them anywhere in Canada for a flat fee of $5 - regardless of the size of the order.

For more information and to register, please head to Tricky Nag's Fundraiser page.  And, don't be shy about passing this information along to your friends or family who might also need to do some easy fundraising this fall.

Here are the seven cards:

Card A
Card B

Card C

Card D

Card E

Card F

Card G

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