Saturday, September 25, 2010

How to Win the Heart of a 5-year-old Girl

A boy has won my 5-year-old daughter's heart. It seemed to have been fairly easy for him since she started talking about him the second day of school. But, the more she talks about him the more I realize he seems to have a plan to win the hearts of the girls in his class.  Bits and pieces of his plan become apparent to me the more she speaks.

Tip No. 1:  Be funny in school and on the bus. Not funny enough to get into real trouble, but funny enough that the girls notice you.

Tip No. 2: Call the girls "princess".  He does this so he doesn't have to bother remember very many names, but the girls don't know this.

Tip No. 3: Give little gifts, part 1. Meaghan bounced off the bus last week in the pouring rain while delicately holding what could have been a piece of gold: a painting by the boy. He gave it to her to keep over night. She hung it up, gazed at it incessantly, showed it to Kerry and I a couple of times. Then made sure it found its way back into her backpack the next morning.

Tip No. 4: Give little gifts, part 2. This plan has been stymied by his mom. He wants to bring Meaghan candy and other little treats.  Without the motherly intervention, I have no doubt this would have sent Meaghan over the edge of awestruck.

Tip No. 5: Tell the girls your favourite colours are pink and purple. When I heard this one I realized there was a purposeful plan afoot.

Tip No. 6: When a girl cries because she lost her sticker, rub her back, speak soothingly, and offer to be her bus buddy. He really is good.

Tip No. 7: Make sure the girls in class get off the bus at school with a hand to hold and a confident fellow to get them to the right door. When the supervisor asked if they knew where to go, he boldly announced: "I know where to go. I'll make sure they get there ok." 

Tip No. 8: Offer to get off the bus at a girl's home to play for the afternoon (undoubtedly so the mother can meet him properly to confirm he is as wonderful as the girls report). The bus driver has stepped in on this one on more than one occasion.

Tip No. 9: Tell a girl you want to sit next to her on the bus. I knew this one worked on about day 4 of school when I heard, "That boy is so cute... "  (Now, you need to imagine a face that goes from serious to softened and lovestruck, gazing into nowhere) "...and how he wants to sit with me on the bus." 

Tip No. 10: Hug a girl good-bye before she gets off the bus at home.  Bold, but effective.

And to think, September isn't even over. 

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