Thursday, October 14, 2010

Become a Love Bomber

I feel so fortunate. We're all healthy, we have a great home and life is good.

But, everyday something somewhere reminds me that not everyone is as fortunate, and I always feel quite powerless to help them. Enter Love Bombing.

Every Thursday the website links you to the blog of someone whose life isn't so great at the moment. You go to the blog, and then comment to pass on encouragement, or other words of support. But, you're not the only one posting a comment. Hundreds of people post comments. Imagine, in your darkest hours, you get hundreds of encouraging and positive comments in one day. How fantastic that must be.

It's been described as a "compassion flash mob".

Today's mission (which I've cut and paste from the website):

Nanette is a single mother of two (ages 9 and 13), and was just recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
She has absolutely amazed me with her optimism, joy, and overwhelming hope for her future. I don’t know how she does it. She has been dealing with losing her hair through chemo, and has been very sick - making work difficult for her. I admire Nanette for keeping her head up so high despite the physical pain, adjusting to losing her hair, the stress from work - all while taking such good care of two kids on her own. This week has been rough for her, and she needs encouragement.

Who wouldn't want to send this woman some kind words?

To save you from remembering to go to the website every week for your mission, sign up and every Thursday you'll receive your new love bomb mission.

So, check out Drop a Love Bomb and sign up to become a Love Bomber too.

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