Monday, October 4, 2010

Eamon's New Bedroom

Eamon finally has a boy, rather than baby, room. It was time; he's almost 3.

He's a boy of many boy-interests: Cars (both the movie and Hot Wheels variety), Thomas the Train, and a variety of superheroes including Batman, Superman and his favourite pjs, Spiderman.

But, for his new bedroom, I went with Cars. I thought it would be pretty easy - especially after I found the quilt and pillow case on sale. Then I found some matching wallpaper border and some cool stickers for his walls. On eBay, I found a light switch cover (which ended up not being painted as I thought, but rather, covered with the fabric I ultimately found!).  I was set, except for the window coverings.  His beautiful valance that matched the bedskirt of his crib, just didn't cut it in a Cars room.

I searched on-line everywhere for anything Cars. No luck. But then my super-crafty friend, Christine, told me to head to Marshall's Discount Fabrics here in Edmonton.

I try not to be a snob, but really, Marshall's? Last time I went there the fabric appeared to be decades old and out of style. Plus, I thought the place smelled funny.  But back then, I had a full-time paying job and didn't need "discount". Times have changed so off to Marshall's I headed.

While I didn't need a big fleece with Texas State, or Mississippi U covering it, what I found pleasantly surprised me. Who am I kidding?  Surprise is such an understatement. What I found actually freaked me right out!! Licenced fabric spilling off the shelves: Thomas, Spiderman, Superman, Bob the Builder, John Deere - the list seems virtually endless. And, best of all, CARS!

When I showed Eamon the Cars fabric, he grabbed it and said, "Let's buy it!". So off the cutting counter we went intoxicated by our exciting find. I bought just enough for a valance and a pillow case (discount in this case still meant $16/metre and not the $2.99 I'd hoped for). 

Then I went looking for paint. Yikes. The bedding is grey/purple undertones and the fabric, decidedly beige.  Oh well.  I found a nice blue and just went for it.  Anything beats the paint I used when we first moved in:  beige, with pink undertones. That's been one of my bigger mistakes.

I finished the room and it seems to work. Most exciting of all, Eamon loves his "big boy" room.

Kids rooms look funny with everything on the bottom
third of the walls, but what's the point of putting it higher if they can't see it?

He loves his new room so much he even posed for me, twice!

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  1. Grandpa and Grandma B. love Eamon's new big boy room! The valance fabric is sensational - a real find. VROOm!!!