Monday, October 11, 2010

Five Reasons I Love Thanksgiving

1. It's in October and starts off a month of good eating (we have two birthdays and then Hallowe'en.)

2. The weather is usually pretty good and you can find crispy leaves to walk in.

3. The holiday is not religious based and everyone can celebrate.  Who doesn't need to stop and count the number of great things in her life, or give thanks once in a while?

4. The holiday isn't being whittled away like Remembrance Day where a number of offices choose to ignore the holiday to stay open for an extra day off at Christmas.

5. It's the first holiday of the school year. This hasn't mattered to me for a number of years now, but with Meaghan starting Kindergarten, this will be the first time she truly appreciates a long weekend.

Happy Thanksgiving!

And don't forget to spend a moment to think about those things in your life for which you are truly grateful.

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