Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Lingnan

Some people are real foodies. They talk about food that has "a hint of such and such" and use wildly dramatic and descriptive adjectives. I, on the other hand, like it, or I don't.  Being really descriptive means the food is mighty fine, pretty awesome, OK, or not so good.  That's why this blog isn't a food blog.

Plus, we have little kids and rarely eat out. A person's palate dulls with so many peanut butter sandwiches, grilled cheese sandwiches, or pasta with virtually no sauce.

Tonight, however, we ventured out into the world of restaurants and went to one we'd been meaning to try for some time now: The Lingnan in Edmonton.
From The Lingnan's website
We first discovered the restaurant on FoodTV's "Family Restaurant: The Quons"  Season 1 aired in the winter of 2009.  We enjoyed the show and I understand that the next season is currently being filmed and will air in the spring of 2011.

Because of the show, we discovered that  Amy, the wife and mom of the operation, also runs Chicken for Lunch downstairs in Scotia Place.  She knows all of her customers and has names for them. Kerry, who has gone to Chicken for Lunch since he moved to Edmonton over a decade ago, was "Ginger Boy" - probably because he orders Ginger Beef every time he goes there.  Since he's been going for more than a decade, Amy recently changed his name to "Ginger Boss".  She tells him in ten years he'll be "Ginger Man".

As I said, tonight we finally made it to the restaurant.  We ordered a nice appetizer sampler that the kids gobbled up. Ginger Beef (really, how could Kerry resist), Cashew Nut Chicken and Cantonese Special Chow Mein.  All of it fantastic.  The plate of Ginger Beef was actually loaded with ginger beef and not filled with big pieces of onion and green pepper. Meaghan ate three or four helpings of the Chow Mein, and thoroughly enjoyed the Cashew Nut Chicken.  Eamon didn't eat as much as Meaghan, but he ate until he was full. Who can ask for more?

But, most surprising of all, Amy came over because she recognized "Ginger Boss"!  How does she do it?  The line up at Chicken for Lunch starts every day well before noon and continues until 1pm.  It snakes through the food court while other places wait for their first customer of the day. Yet, she remembers all of her regulars - even when entirely out of context and appearing at the restaurant. She is amazing!

Even if Amy hadn't recognized Ginger Boss, we would have thoroughly enjoyed our food and the evening.  No doubt,  we will return. 

And, I should mention, for those of you with the Student Union Ticket Packs: look for The Lingnan coupons before you go.

Bon appétit.


  1. Actually, Chicken for Lunch serves ginger chicken, not beef.

  2. I stand corrected. It's unlikely that Chicken for Lunch would have beef on the menu.

  3. Dave C. (yes, the one you know)November 2, 2010 at 10:47 AM

    Amy calls me "My spicy friend...with extra dry spicy". You're right, she IS amazing. She even remembered me even though she hadn't seen me for 3 Years!!!

    She's the greatest. I think she should run for Mayor. I love the Lingnan too, but Chicken for Lunch is a much better value. I think I'll head over there today. It's been awhile. Excellent review!!!