Monday, November 15, 2010

Eamon is 3

I can't believe he's three and that the terrible twos have become a distant memory.

He had such a great day on Saturday starting with his presents, which he thought were from Santa. I guess the Christmas shopping season that has been in full swing since before Hallowe'en made a bit of an impression on him.

He actually napped after lunch. That bit of extra sleep made for a happy boy who even posed for photos.

He talked for days about "my boys" coming to his party. He graciously agreed in the morning when he saw his cake that he would "share with my boys." In the days leading up to his party, he'd get so excited about his boys coming over, he could barely speak.  By Saturday, his gleefulness made him agreeable and he posed for photos!

And then his boys arrived.

Five little boys (and their sisters) played away in the basement, taking a short break for some cake. He had a terrific afternoon. Thanks boys.

I've only finished one scrapbook page of his birthday, and the one I like doing best. It's a bit about what he's like right now. I didn't read last year's page yet, but I will just to see how much he has changed, and what has stayed the same.

Credits: PAPER AND ELEMENTS: mscraps collaboration - Fortunate Kit; 
FONTS: Trebuchet MS; Milk and Cereal; JailBlrD Jenna

Now it's time to buckle down for Christmas.

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