Thursday, November 25, 2010

Eamon's Cold

Eamon has had a tough few days. He has a cold. Snot poured out for a day or so and sadly he strongly resisted my attempts to wash his face. To top it off, I discovered that when kids that age don't blow their noses, the snot can work its way up through the tear duct and out the eye. So, he has gunky eyes (but no infection in the eye) and dried snot caked onto his face. Being his mother, I still think he's beautiful. Since you are not his mother, I won't show you any pictures of his current look, but will leave you with layout from our first snowfall in October.

TEMPLATE: Erinink - smileformelt;
PAPER AND ELEMENTS: Tracie Stroud - Beautynworld Kit
FONTS: Jane Austen, Century Gothic 


  1. Yikes!
    I am so sorry! I think I had better take responsibility for this one. My beloved little Georgie (aka Pig-Pen) was oozing his germs all over your house. I hope both Eamon and you can forgive us. Next time I'll do a better job of NOT sharing! If you can't forgive right away, I could offer fancy coffees or wine or Bailey's....

  2. It wasn't you. We went to a movie at WEM and then went out for supper. I forgot all about the handwashing step for him. I have no doubt the mucky WEM germs are to blame.

  3. Snot out the eye is always something to behold. Hope he's getting better.

  4. I recently heard about unblown snot making its way into the ear and creating infection and or gunk there too. So its timely to learn about the way it works itself into the eyes,yuck. Makes sense,never thought about the how of it all before! Kinda interesting. Now we have another few reasons to harp on the kids to "blow! not snuff!" heheheh
    Mine are 12 and 17 and I'm STILL getting after them,geesh.