Thursday, November 11, 2010


I got a little bit of scrapbooking done today.  I should probably have been getting things ready for Eamon's birthday and party on Saturday (I can't believe he'll be 3!), or getting some Christmas things done, but instead I did something fun.

The result:

Credits: PAPER and ELEMENTS: MBennett - Autumn Memories Kit;
BRUSH: Swirls by Evionn; FONTS: Trebuchet, Stamp Act, Jane Austen
The page opposite this one above will contain the full story:

Kerry bought Eamon a little pair of blue binoculars on holidays this past summer.  Eamon took them everywhere and used them, day or night. Then, they were gone. We last remembered seeing them at the beach. Undoubtedly, they were well into the sand and gone for good.

Once we got home, Eamon periodically asked for his binoculars. Guilt overwhelmed Kerry (he  had toy duty on that particular beach day). As a consolation, Kerry made these little binoculars for Eamon. Not the same, yet he acted as if they were.

Suddenly, towards the end of September, Kerry found the real binoculars.  Oh joyous day! The Lego binoculars were promptly forgotten about.

I'll get around to that page soon enough. But for now, I have some birthday party gift bags to put together.


  1. I love this. And the best part, in your story you don't even mention that he's wearing a spidy costume. Obviously, there is just nothing unusual with that, no story there! You're so the mother of a 3 year old boy ;)
    Can't wait for the party tomorrow.

  2. Those Spidey jammies appear so often, they're rather banal now. In fact, as I glance over, I see he's wearing them today, without the mask.