Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Rider Fans

The Rider fans have once again shown why they are the envy of many sports teams.

They showed up in Edmonton last week ready to win the Grey Cup and to have a great time. The fans are easy to spot with their green and Pilsner.  They cheer and wave flags and make people want to be one of them. During the parade on Saturday, it seemed that a bunch of fans from the street joined in with the parade. The sea of green covered an entire block.

After a crushing (for a Rider fan) defeat at the hands of Montreal two years in a row, the fans quickly regrouped and now look ahead to next year - next year will definitely be their year to win. In fact, every year they don't win the Grey Cup they look ahead to the next year as their year.

Where other cities would denounce their quarterback, ridicule him for losing two years in a row, and call for a trade, the Riders rally around their quarterback, throw him accolades and say among themselves: "He's young. He's only been here two years and we've been to the final both years. Just think what he's capable of!"

I can't help but admire this enthusiasm and optimism. How different this world would be if we lived our lives like Rider Fans.

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  1. All that green, though ... it looked a bit like a leprechaun flash mob.