Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas Holidays

My friend, Janet, hovers on the edge about whether she should home school her kids. She doesn't home school now, but she is close. She explained her urge to home school doesn't come from any sense that she could do better (although, she probably could), but really from the sense of bitterness she feels that school steals her kids for the best part of their day.

I am not cut from the same cloth as a home schooler, but I totally get Janet's reason for thinking about home schooling. Meaghan started Kindergarten and goes for only half days. But let's be honest, morning has always been her best part of the day. I gave that part to school to make things easy on her and to ensure she wasn't tired during school. I don't resent it to the point Janet does, but then, Meaghan is only in a half day Kindergarten.

But, school does give us one thing truly glorious: holidays, and right now, Christmas holidays.

Tonight both kids are a bit overtired from the weekend, and Kerry is out of town (sadly, to attend his grandfather's funeral tomorrow). As a special treat, we are all sleeping in my bed tonight. 

I tried to get the kids to bed early, but the thrill of sleeping together raised the excitement levels of bedtime considerably. We read books. Then they laughed, and giggled, and schemed, and snuck out. High hilarity.

And the best part: no school tomorrow so it doesn't really matter how late the shenanigans last. The magnificence of school holidays...

As it turns out, the shenanigans didn't last much past 7pm.
As I said, they are overtired.
The countdown continues: Only 6 more sleeps. 


  1. Oh Tracy, I feel like such a superstar! Great picture of the kiddies.

    Let Keri know we're thinking of him.


  2. I don't know if it was the content of the blog post, or the picture, but you just made me cry a little - in a good way. Thanks!
    My condolences to Kerry and you, and the family.

  3. Oh're not supposed to cry! But I'm glad it was at least in a good way.