Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas is in the Air

We headed off to Meaghan's Kindergarten Christmas concert. She was thrilled to find the purple headband last night. It, along with her necklace were the definite highlights of her ensemble.

My two highlights: 
1. Meaghan belting out her favourite song, with all the actions.
2. Eamon sitting not only while we waited for the concert to start, but during it as well.

Unfortunately, this is the only full body photo I have of Meaghan. Seconds after I took this photo she moved behind the speaker at the front of the stage and I only saw her from the knees up. But, that did not detract in the least from my enjoyment of the concert.

The video I took makes me laugh out loud. During one part of a song the kids were to dance like snowmen. Let's just say there wasn't much of what we would call dancing going on -  except for the girl next to Meaghan; I think she felt quite restrained by standing in a line.

After the concert, we headed to the mall for the Santa photo. Both kids hopped on Santa's knees. Meaghan added something to her list that she forgot to mention in her letter to Santa -  a Jasmine stuffie. Now I have a problem. What she envisions, doesn't exist. Kerry went on a hunt to the Disney Store and lo and behold, there is no Jasmine stuffie as imagined by Meaghan. In her letter she asked for a Tiana stuffie. Let's hope that's enough Christmas morning so that all the Jasmine thoughts are pushed out of her head

Eamon asked for just one thing - Star Wars lightsabers, two of them. He wasn't as keen to be on Santa's knee, but afterwards he admitted he hadn't wanted to leave. 

Both kids looked great, but I think the photographer caught Santa off guard. Meaghan summed up his look best: "That's quite a smile."

Only 9 more sleeps...

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