Saturday, December 11, 2010

December Album, etc

Two weeks ago, I figured by this point I'd be completely finished shopping, wrapping partially done, and the baking virtually complete; the Christmas cards and letter that I inflict upon others would already have arrived at their destinations; and I'd be sitting back wondering how to spend my free time.  HA!

While I have just about finished the shopping (or, maybe I have finished once I look at everything I've bought), not much else is done. But, I have lots of time. I'll finish a few more Christmas cards tonight. Tomorrow I'll kick into gear with baking, wrapping doesn't take very long. Next weekend, I'll get groceries for Christmas and do a bit of a pre-Christmas tidy. And then, I'll sit back and wonder how to spend all my free time.

I haven't been sitting around twiddling my thumbs. We've been decorating, shopping, and getting out to enjoy some Christmas festivities. Plus, I've totally indulged myself with a few layouts for my December album. I could actually focus all of my time on this, but other things do beckon once in a while.

Since I'm doing one page for every day of December, I'm keeping all of the pages quite simple. I am making an effort to ensure that pages that face each other actually look ok together. 

Plus, I've been reading up on how to make an album look like one cohesive project, rather than just a jumble of pages thrown together. I aim to achieve that cohesive look  with this album. To help me, I'm using Tiffany Tillman's templates for her 25 Days of Templates class, and one digital kit throughout by Melissa Bennett called Country Christmas. The templates are all the same style with a few similar elements running throughout some of them. The digital kit means everything already matches and looks pretty good together. 

In addition to those two things, I'm adding to every page the tag with the day of the week and date on it. Not only with that tag be my one constant throughout the album, it also adds the circle to the squares and rectangles in the templates.

Finally, I'm going to be consistent with fonts for the titles and journalling, as well as the colour. For the title I'm using Amazing Ruler (at least today I am. Give me a few more days and I may change it again). For the journalling I'm using Trebuchet MS - mostly because I love the "g".

We'll see in a few weeks if I end up with a cohesive look. But for now, I leave you with three of my pages. (And check out that "g" in the journalling.)

December 3
All the Templates are from Tiffany Tillman,
and the paper and elements from Melissa Bennett's Country Christmas Kit
December 6
You may wonder why I didn't include on this page, the tree paper on the next layout.
I chose not to use it because the page opposite this one (December 5) just wouldn't have looked good.
December 7

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