Friday, January 7, 2011

Do you have a Word for 2011?

I have noticed a fair number of people out there in cyberspace are not making resolutions, but rather, selecting one word to guide them throughout the year. The word can be something you'd like to achieve, aspire to, become, use to guide you -- whatever you want your word to be to you.

A couple examples I've seen (and remember):

Need -- as in I need to look after myself, I need to make sure my kids eat well, etc.
Now -- I'll deal with my dishes now (as opposed to letting them pile up into the next meal), I'll deal with paperwork now, etc.

In fact, the idea is so popular that Ali Edwards is teaching a year long workshop on "One Little Word".  

I'm not about to take the workshop, but I do like the idea of a word. In fact, on my birthday in October, I chose my word: patience. 

It's not even been three months, but I find my word making a difference and altering my behaviour a bit. As the kids start to get under my skin, I simply think "patience", and it helps. A lot.

I'm by no means perfect, and my patience has a long way to come before I would even consider myself a patient person. But, I'm surprised at how effective my word has been so far.

Next October I'm again going to choose a word. I could wait to jump on the  New Years bandwagon, but frankly, I like the October start date. This year, I had a chance to ease into my word on my own terms and in my own time. Plus, picking my birthday - which is mine alone** - for my start date, seems more personal and less artificial than January 1, which belongs to everyone. Maybe that's too many failed resolutions speaking.

Anyway, if you haven't picked a word for the new year, try it out. What have you got to lose?

Maybe patience (and a whole lot of photos) will give me a couple more like this one.
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** I do realize I am not the only person born on my birthday, and I do know someone born the same day and year as me, but I still view it as totally mine.

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