Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Snow Now. Spring Soon?

We've had lots of snow on the weekend, and now it's cold with more snow forecast for Thursday.

I don't really mind snow. It's nice to stay indoors with a good excuse. That made this weekend virtually perfect. (Total perfection would have included a chef and cleaner.)

The school bus has been interesting. Yesterday morning we waited 25 minutes before deciding it was time to walk back to the house and drive to school. Turns out the bus probably came while we were at the house getting into the van, but how do you know? A phone number exists, but the people at the other end are not helpful: "I'll try, but I probably won't be able to get hold of the driver."  The cynic in me thinks she just moved the phone further from her face and called out the bus number and driver's name before telling me she couldn't get a hold of him.

Now that it's cold, I'm not so keen on walking to the bus at the end of our block to wait for a bus whose arrival time may be much later than our own. And, with all the snow, we've lost our parking near the bus stop. I do realize it seems lame to drive a block to wait for the bus, but if it arrives a bit late and there's a windchill, Meaghan and Eamon aren't freezing bits of their body.

As an aside, my big beef are the people who shovel their snow onto the street. What about their poor front lawns? Plus, they have effectively made their own big windrows that make the street far too narrow and remove any parking.

But, back to the school bus. I discovered this morning, that none of the Kindergarten buses will be operating at lunch time this week. We need to go pick up Meaghan. Not a big deal really, but Eamon wasn't so keen on heading out again this morning.

However, despite these minor hassles that can easily wear a person down, I saw something yesterday that actually took my breath away:

Yes, those are forced crocuses at our grocery store. I almost bought them despite the outrageous price. Instead I settled for a poor quality phone photo. But it was enough to remind me that spring can't be that far away.

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