Saturday, January 29, 2011


Meaghan's Kindergarten class has started show and tell. Meaghan spent days deciding what she should take. In the end, she didn't give two hoots what she took; she cared only about Thunder.

On your show and tell day, you get to take home the class puppy, Thunder. Meaghan lucked out. She got Thunder on Friday and had him for the whole weekend. She carried him around everywhere. When we went out, she brought him, but left him in the van. Then, she fretted about him until we returned. With her kind and loving manner, he quickly became a part of this family.

I present, Thunder:  

Credits: FONT - Milk and Honey; EVERYTHING ELSE: The Daily Digi's Celebrate Collaboration Kit from January 2011

On her note, Meaghan wrote: We ate breakfast. We cuddled. We played Wii.

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