Thursday, February 3, 2011

False Economies

My jeans wore through at the knee. It goes with the territory of having little ones at home. Everything is much easier at their level, so my knee is on the floor a lot. The old Levis just couldn't take it anymore.  

While some jeans appear rather stylish with rips and tears in them, the hole in the knee does not. No ultra hip torn look there. No one would mistake these jeans and the hole for a super expensive designer pair.

Jeans are pricey, but I wear them all the time. Rather than buy a new pair to wear through at the knee too, I decided to buy an inexpensive iron-on patch. Good enough for my every day life around the house. Off to Fabricland I go.

I easily found the patches; less than $2. As we waited to pay, Eamon glanced over and saw a whole lot of super hero fleece. Even I was excited to see it.

We dashed out of line and virtually squealed with excitement over the options. Definitely, he needed a fleece blanket. We settled on Batman with black fleece for the back.

Eamon's New Fleece Blanket

In my excitement of making Eamon something new, I casually thought of Meaghan and her feelings, but she did get a new one a couple years ago. Plus, I actually finished the quilt out of her receiving blankets. Eamon's quilt is still in the receiving blanket stage in a box under my desk. I didn't think she was all that hard done by.

But once she got home from school, she was pleased to see Eamon's blanket, but then realized there wasn't one for her. I reminded her of the most recent one I'd made for her. She's too quick though. She reminded me that the one I made for her was now too short; Eamon's was much longer. Drat! She was right. I'd made her length the width of the fleece; most inadequate for someone in Kindergarten.  

She wanted nothing more than to go to Fabricland to pick out fleece for her blanket. How could I say no?  Off we went to Fabricland. She picked out the Tiana (from The Princess and the Frog) fleece with a purple leopard-like fleece for the back. I have to say, she did a nice job of picking out the back.

Meaghan's New Fleece Blanket -- check out that purple leopard print!

So, my $2 patch cost me a total of 6 metres of fleece.
A new pair of jeans would have been cheaper.


  1. The blankets are so cute! That was so nice of you to do that for them. I am laughing that you went, planning to spend only two dollars, and came home with two blankets!

  2. Thanks Garden Girl. Next time I go to Fabricland I go alone.