Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Indie: One of a Kind

Indie is one of the best dogs we will ever own. Personality to burn.

He's a Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen (PBGV). Quite likely, you said the breed like an English speaker would. But no, this great little breed has a way better pronunciation: peh-TEE bas-SAY grih-FON vahn-day-AHN. If you ever watch the Westminster Kennel Club Show (which is on around this time of year), you must watch the hound category and hear the breed name said out loud. 

But, I digress.

Although he's not a puppy anymore (having just turned 10) he continues to patrol our home and yard with surprising speed and agility when it suits him. His bark may be great, but his howl better. Every weekday he sits, watches and waits for the Canada Post carrier. Sensing a threat, he barks out the alarm and races to the front door to drive the potential intruder away. And, he succeeds. Every time.

But our grand little pooch is on the cusp of becoming rather pricey. After his last blood work, the vet called. She sounded much like a Charlie Brown adult. I heard: "Wah wah wah Cushing's? wah wah liver disease? wah wah wah ultrasound. 

Translation: $$$$$

But where do you draw the line with a pet and decide to stop spending money? When the dogs were our children, and I worked there really wasn't a line. However, now our priorities have shifted. When do we call it quits? The vet's call reminds me that we will have to face this decision as our dogs continue to age.

However, today I don't need to address that question, or any other. I can just enjoy Indie and reflect on the terrific dog he is.

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  1. I always let the animal tell me when its time.
    And they will, you won't miss the signs.

  2. Too sad to even really think about.