Friday, February 11, 2011

My Continuing Quest for Patience

Early afternoon is a quiet time in our home. Eamon still naps every day. Meaghan naps a few times during the week, and the other days she has quiet time in her bedroom. I find it gives her a good chance to wind down from school and regroup so that she remains a delightful little girl the rest of the day.

Today wasn't really one of those days. She's still a bit over tired from our trek to Disneyland (fantastic, by the way, and more on this at some later date) and as a result she scared the living bejesus out of me with her scream/cry. I honestly thought she had ripped off a finger, or that some stranger lurked in our house about to slaughter our dogs and then us. But no. Eamon woke up. That was it. She wanted him to sleep longer than he did. She merely voiced her displeasure.

In relaying this story to Kerry, he reminded me to make sure that I enjoy her now in the afternoons since next year she'll be at school all day.

Wise words, and a good reminder as to why I need to continue with my quest for patience. Less than 90 days of Kindergarten remain. My afternoons with her will soon be gone.


  1. The years really,really,do fly past. No matter what you do,you'll still feel like you squandered them. I could have sworn I just had a baby boy:) Even now,I feel I could use some patience with him. I wonder if that ever ends?

  2. thanks for the follow and following you back!