Thursday, March 3, 2011

February Recap

I've finished month two of my monthly recaps (P12 for the hipsters). I was going to try to actually complete a cohesive album with the year's layouts, but the best I could do for cohesiveness between January and February was the template style. I have no doubt that will soon fall by the wayside too. Really though, what's more important a pretty, cohesive album, or some layouts that capture and record our lives? I'm all for the layouts and getting some events recorded.  

I used some rather different (different for me) background paper. The brighter colours rather appealed to me. Clearly, the fact that winter has extended itself into March has gotten me down. That must be why I ventured away from a brown or navy background for something a bit brighter.

I'll have a new freebie download ready for you sometime over the next couple of days and a small give away to celebrate Tricky Nag's first birthday. Stay tuned!

But, in the meantime:

Papers and Elements: Shawna Clingerman - Chipper Kit
Fonts: Impacted, Century Gothic (and you guessed it) Baby Boston

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