Thursday, March 31, 2011 Revamped

The time has come to revamp Tricky Nag's website.  After living with the site for a year, I have made some changes for the better.

First, the home page will be updated on a regular basis with Tricky Nag's news. Until a couple days ago, the home page looked exactly the same every time you went to it. No more. Now, if you want to know about the latest freebie, or other bits of goodness, the home page will fill you in.

Second, I have revamped the photo editing portion of the website to include photo restoration. It's great to make your digital photos look their best, but there are so many fantastic photos from days gone by in boxes in attics everywhere. Time to get me to scan and restore them to look their best -- before they deteriorate further, or get completely destroyed. Tricky Nag's Photo Fixes

Finally, I have added some announcement card samples to the website. Take a look at the great looking birthday invitations I can do for you.  With photos of your child's favourite toy and your child, I'll create magic and give you an awesome birthday invitation.  Tricky Nag's Gallery

As for this blog, it will continue to add bits of Tricky Nag's news and direct you to Tricky Nag's website, but the focus will be me and my family.  Surprisingly, I've found the blog a great way to document a part of our lives missing from scrapbooks, or my random acts of journalling. In fact, the blog has been so great at filling in the holes, I've created a photo book from my 2010 blog entries, but those details will wait for another post.

In the meantime, head over to and check out the changes!

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  1. Your Photo Fixit page is really interesting and you're absolutely right -- 70s photos do have a very distinctive look! I've got tons, of course.