Thursday, March 10, 2011


In January, I told Kerry it was time we figured out Twitter.  For a while there, everywhere I turned I saw Twitter. The time had come.

We each signed up, followed each other, and started exploring.

Now, we are Twitter crazy. Actually, to be more truthful, I ought to have written that we are FREAKING TWITTER CRAZY!!

I feel so connected to local happenings and events, without ever leaving the house. Now, I would normally view this as a bad sign. It gives the impression of someone (me) hunkered down in the basement connected to the world through my high speed internet cable. But, not so.

Let me explain.

When I went out to work everyday, I would see a variety of adults with similar interests. We'd discuss a variety of topics and usually one would be the flavour of the day. We'd all have different bits of information on it, and usually, an opinion as well. And, there was always the thrill that if some exciting news broke, someone would hear about it and report it immediately to those around him. Further discussion typically ensued.

Since staying home, I have been a bit disconnected from that particular form of communication. I might catch the news on the radio late in the day, happen to see something on an on-line news source, or see it in tomorrow's paper. And, of course, I only have a couple of small ones near me for further discussion. Twitter has changed that.

Since getting into Twitter mere weeks ago I:
  • felt like I was popping into City Council chambers during the new arena's discussions;
  • happened to hear of Premier Stelmach's resignation within minutes of it being made and before it even hit the local radio or TV news;
  • heard a virtual blow by blow of the bail hearing of the alleged terrorist whom the US wants extradited, and had my tweeted question answered by someone at the courthouse that day; 
  • got caught up with many others in Canada over the Canada Reads "discussions",
  • feel like I will know the instant something develops in Libya, or elsewhere,
  • keep up with the House of Commons shenanigans, with ease, and
  • know far too much detail about winners with tiger blood.
But don't think it's all boring things (I saw those eyes roll KLU). Twitter has something for everyone.

Nowhere else can I get such quick updates with what's going on, and without being tied to my computer searching various websites looking for news updates.

And, what has surprised me most is that the communication can be two-way. I'll tweet someone about what he's written, and virtually without fail, I get a reply. Now, the uber-famous don't have time to reply. But people famous to me - author of the book I'm reading, favourite newspaper columnists, favourite radio host, etc - do reply.

Anyway, Twitter has been awesome and I am hooked! It will take me time to get settled and follow the people I want to follow, but for the moment, I'm just happy I tried it out.

If you're on Twitter, feel free to follow me: @TrickyNag

If you're not on Twitter, sign up so that you too can become addicted....

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