Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fools

I like April Fools' Day. I like to see people's creativity and imagination at their best, and this day brings it out.

I always enjoy hearing about the trick's others have played, and to hear about the media's participation.

The kids and I got Kerry again this year. He is at a distinct disadvantage because he doesn't pay close enough attention to the calendar, and just isn't the planner I am.  I've thought for a few days what I could tell him that he'd readily believe. 

This year it was almost too easy with him out of town. He couldn't hear the fit of giggles or see the big grins as I told him on the phone that I'd let one of our dogs out in the middle of the night and he was now gone. It helped that our phone call woke Kerry up. Disorientation always helps when playing tricks.

I hope you too enjoyed your morning!


  1. You really do live up to your name "Tricky", don't you?

  2. Better to live up to the name "tricky" than "nag" ;)

    Great fun. Thanks for sharing.