Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter weekend has got to be one of my favourite weekends of the year. I became a fan of the weekend after I started working - four glorious days off work without taking a lick of holiday time. 

Now, that I don't have a job you would think the holiday pales to what it once was. Not so. At least not with two kids who believe in the Easter Bunny. Certainly this weekend doesn't have the hype that Christmas does, but they were both mighty excited to leap out of bed Sunday morning to see what the good bunny brought them.

Meaghan has now convinced herself that the rabbits in our neighbourhood must definitely be spies for the Easter Bunny. 

  • Our neighbours use paint brushes with their chalk. The kids received similar paint brushes. 
  • Meaghan mentioned the other day she wanted a Hot Wheels car. She received a Hot Wheels car.  
  • Meaghan saw a book at the Scholastic Book Fair she wanted, but we didn't buy because the French was too hard for me to understand. She received an English copy of the book.
Most certainly a spy lurks nearby.

And, now for some egg decorating photos:

I hope that you too, enjoyed your long weekend!

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