Monday, April 11, 2011

Woman of Action

I always have a list of a few things I'd like to get done in the short term. I like setting deadlines for these little projects because I find that they actually get done.  However, sometimes my deadlines are rather unrealistic and they don't get met - meaning a lingering, unfinished job.

One goal I'd set for the end of January was to actually do the valance (technically cornice box) in the dining room. I didn't quite meet the goal since I'm a slow thinker when it comes to anything to do with fabric. I don't sew enough to zip through projects and have them work out. I hit a bit of a snag in the project because, as so often happens, the plans in my mind were so much easier than in reality.

Not meeting this goal gave me a chance to rethink my short term goals. Rather than limit myself to monthly goals, which can be difficult to meet in busy times, I decided to think quarterly. There must be a reason companies focus on quarters, so I'm going to as well.

With my new quarterly focus in mind, I then had extra time to finish the valance. Just what I needed: time, and a more realistic deadline.

My first quarter ended the end of March. I have to say, I'm rather thrilled with all that got finished around the house. I had set out to make the valance, get an electrician in to change out electrical outlets and light switches (It's far easier to replace 40 years of grime than try to clean it. Plus, the outlets were all loose), finish the course materials for the digital scrapbooking class at Metro Continuing Education, revamp my website, finish the photo books for Christmas 2010 and my 2010 blog, and figure out Twitter.  Done. Everything I set out to definitely finish I did finish. 

Now, I'm looking ahead to the next few projects I'd like to finish. Having to the end of June feels rather luxurious, and I have plenty of time to tackle a couple of bigger jobs that may have turned into unfinished long jobs with a short deadline of only a month.

I love feeling like a woman of action!


  1. Now that you're a Woman of Action, the next step is to become an International Woman of Mystery.

  2. I have that in my plans for the next quarter.

  3. I love your blog. It always leaves me with a smile on my face and something to think about! ... And sometimes makes me feel a little inadequate for my 'inaction'. ;)

  4. @Ange Thanks for the comments. Although, don't feel inadequate. I'm not the one with a job that takes me to TO on occasion. Plus, you'll note that you never, ever see a photo of the floor. That's not by coincidence.

    But, more importantly, I hope we make it out your way this summer so we can get together and have a good catch up!