Monday, May 16, 2011

Crunchy Update

Some time has passed since my initial crunchy confession and since I have continued with my no 'poo (that's no shampoo) I figured it was time for an update.

Almost 6 months and still no shampoo - although I do let the woman who cuts my hair shampoo it. I still miss the lather, and some days my hair doesn't feel quite right, but all in all, I'm pleased with having gone no 'poo. My hair continues to hold some shape regardless of what happens with it. So no more hat head or flat head. It doesn't mean that my hair always looks great, but it looks better than it would have.

Following the no 'poo, I decided to make my own lip balm. I know the products we use soak into our skin, but lip balm strikes me as a bit worse since we eat it off our lips.

My first concoction came from a modified recipe and the modification failed. The more I put on the more chapped my lips became. The recipe included an infusion of a certain type of tea. I substituted the tea. I think this was my mistake; I suspect I substituted a soothing healing tea for one that dries out any hint of moisture in whatever it touches.  Blistex never felt so good.

For my next attempt, I followed a different recipe, from Crunchy Betty: Minty Chocolate Lip Balm. Yummy. And the best part, it works pretty well for day to day use. Although, I have to admit, when a cold struck me down, after a few days I did need a hit or two of Blistex.

Following the pretty good lip balm, I made the most freaking amazing deodorant. Store bought deodorant has always bothered me - especially with everything you read about aluminum. I've tried friendlier store bought deodorants but I ended up spending lots more money to simply get a good whiff of my natural odour well before the end of the day. Not pleasant.

The homemade deodorant, compliments of Crunchy Betty, has been the biggest hit to date. So big, that even Kerry uses it now, and raves about it. I cannot recommend this deodorant enough. According to Crunchy Betty, it may take some adjustment time, but for Kerry and I, it worked instantly.  I didn't use all the same essential oils Crunchy Betty used, but I did use the sweet orange, which smells divine. I highly recommend making yourself a batch and trying it out for a bit.

I'm still searching for a good hand cream recipe.  I've found a few, but I don't have everything in stock. I did make one with beeswax, but it's not creamy enough and just a touch, ok a lot, too waxy. 

Next up, soap nuts for the laundry. I haven't tried them yet, but after a few loads, I will report back.

Happy crunching!


  1. This is very interesting. You are right about the lip balm...we basically eat it lol! I creep a hair forum that has quite a few members who have gone the 'no poo' route. They all report very positive results once your hair and scalp adjust.

  2. Soap nuts and no 'poo. Tee hee. Thanks for the update!

  3. I've switched to soapnuts for my hair. The bs just wasn't working for me but the soapnuts kick ass! They work great in the laundry also. If you find they smell, add a few drops of EO to the washer. I've had to do that because my family whines,hee

  4. For the soapnuts, you boil them down with water,mashing them as you go and adding water as you go,til you get a brown liquid after straining out the nuts and particles,that you store in the fridge and can use for anything really. I use it on my hair and don't bother with the fridge cuz I'm lazy like that. There is a recipe on Leslie's blog titled, well here, I'll just give you the link!
    I found it to be more consistant than the baking soda method for my hair and easier too.
    Just don't get it in your eyes or mouth.ouch!

  5. So interesting! I've been making my own laundry soap for years now (not with soapnuts though--I'm going to have to do a little research into this), but it never occurred to me to use baking soda in my hair. I'm intrigued!