Friday, May 6, 2011


Today I am a little sad. A woman I knew only well enough to say hello to, passed away earlier this week leaving a husband and two young children. She, and the family she leaves, have been on my mind - especially with Mother's Day fast approaching.

Who remains a constant cheerleader in our lives, feeling the euphoria of our highs, and the misery of our lows? Who not only hugs us, comforts us and loves us when we need it, but also knows when we need it? And on the flip side, doesn't every mother believe that no one can love her children better or more than she can?

Undoubtedly these two children have family and good friends that will do an amazing job to fill the void, but none of them is Mom.

I will enjoy this Mother's Day spending time with my children and my own mother, but a little piece of me will be thinking of these two children, and all the others, who have lost their mothers far too early in their lives.


  1. That's very sad. The loss of your mother is life altering, at any age. Its so so tragic when it happens to the young:(

  2. Poor wee mites, as my Grandma would have said. Very sad for all concerned.

  3. Beautifully said my friend.