Monday, May 23, 2011

The Power of Photos

Photo and Journalling Tag: Katie Pertiet; Overlays: Anna Aspnes; Other bits: from MScraps' Blog Hop, Fall 2010; Font: Traveling Typewriter

I love this photo of Meaghan. But, what I love more: the power this single photo has to put a smile on my face to remind me what a wonderful daughter I have.

The last couple of weeks have been rather challenging. She's tired from playing soccer two nights a week; she does whatever she can to avoid any sort of nap or early bedtime; she continues to wake up early; and she has that little bit of attitude developing that I'm told by other Kindergarten moms is not unusual. And, I can't forget the drama. Oh, the drama.

She's slowly wearing me down. It's tough being positive, and joyous, and patient, when her little dramatic attitude kicks into gear - especially when it's fueled by insufficient sleep.

But then, I captured this shot. A lucky shot since she was leaping out from behind her playhouse while playing hide 'n seek last weekend.

This photo, all by itself, reveals to me the real Meaghan. The one who is well-rested, happy, easy going and delightful to be around. It also reminds me that I have a glorious little girl who is quite a sweetheart.

The dramatic attitude may be a lengthy phase (perhaps until her early 20s?), but it's not every moment of every day. It's not even every day. Truth be told, it's probably not even that often. But in the moment it's quite a different story and feels as though it may never end.

This one photo, taken in a split second, erases all the recent difficulties, recharges me, and puts a smile on my face.

That's power.


  1. I will attempt to comment from Firefox. GORGEOUS photo. GORGEOUS reflections on your daughter.

  2. Yes, as a mother of two (24 & almost 26) I can confirm what you are experiencing. When mine were going through their numerous stages, I would often wonder where my child had gone - the authentic one I knew & loved - next thing they would reappear...! Beautiful picture of your daughter :)

  3. She has such spirit and light!