Thursday, June 2, 2011

The Big Cut

Meaghan decided to get her hair cut and get bangs. She pestered for an appointment, got one, and then went through with it.

I'm a little sad. I loved her long hair. She liked it too, but was not so keen on the headbands or barrettes. She said she liked it hanging in her face. At least now she can go hair piece free, and we can see her face. 

Kerry was convinced she'd look older. I think she looks more like a little girl, which is fine by me. I hated seeing those glimpses of a grown up Meaghan. Now with her bangs and a bob, I think those moments will be less frequent.

She will be a bit harder to pick out of a group of girls now. Most of the girls in her class have bangs and bobs of varying lengths.  When she was a baby, my big fear/recurring nightmare was that I'd not recognize her as mine and would take the wrong baby home with me (as though I left her anywhere - don't you love hormones). Now that she's almost 6 I'm confident I'll be able to definitely pick her out of the group despite the fact they all look pretty similar.

All in all, I'm ok with her cut. She has such little control over her life, she may as well have control over her hair. Besides, it will always grow back.

By the way, she loves her cut even though you cannot see the glee in the photo. You see instead, minor annoyance. I insisted on a photo, but she had better things to do than pose (like to go and admire her hair in a mirror). 


  1. Wow, that is quite a change. She looks lovely with either style. The main thing is that she is happy. The one good thing about hair is that it grows!

  2. Her new cut suits her very much! Cute!

  3. The bangs make her eyes stand out. She looks sweet! It's a nice cut.